Pigtails Challenge

Thursday May 23th – Sunday May 26th 2023
Registration closes May 22th.
200M Entry Fee – $240*
150M Entry Fee – $180*
100M Entry Fee – $155*
100k Entry Fee – $125*
50k Entry Fee – $75*
Register Online
*Prices increase after March 31st and include any applicable taxes.
The Pigtails Challenge takes place at Lake Youngs Watershed which is a rolling loop with 900 feet of elevation gain per loop. While this is not considered a technical mountain race, however don’t be fooled, 900ft per loop adds up considerably ( ex. 100 milers do 10 loops x 900ft= 9,000ft vertical) This is an excellent course for those wishing to train in a very well supported race. If you’re looking to attempt a new and longer distance, such as a first 100 miler, register now. For hardcore types who want take a bite at a longer distance such as 150 or 200 miler and test their mental fortitude, this is the perfect race. Since this is a loop course, the option to throw in the towel always looms in the background. It will test your perseverance to carry on lap after lap when you could easily call it a day, pop blisters, get warm, eat and have a beer. For those wanting to do a shorter distance we started a 50k to the lineup in 2016, one 3 mile loop and 3 9.4 mile loops.
This is a multi-use trail which includes walkers, bikers, horses, etc. Please share the trail. With horses, it is not a good idea to surprise them. If you are coming from behind, make some noise to let the rider know you are coming. Also, slow to a walk when you pass them.

There is adequate parking at the start/finish area for people. We ask that participants attempt to park close enough to other cars so that we can maximize the number of vehicles we can fit in the provided lot. Should the parking lot fill, there is parking available at the Renton Christian Center. Should you park in their parking lot, you need to remove your vehicle from their parking lot by 9 am Sunday so they can have parking for their services.
Schedule of Events

Thu 6:00 am 200 Mile Start
Fri 6:00 am 150 Mile Start
Sat 6:00 am 100 Mile & 100k Start
Sun 6:00 am 50k Start
Sun 4:00 pm Course Closes
Participants in the 200 mile and 150 mile events must start their last loop prior to 12 pm on Sunday. Participants in the 100 mile, 100k, and 50k must start their last loot prior to 1 PM on Sunday. No exceptions.
Medical Information

In order to participate in this year’s Pigtails Challenge Race this medical history form must be completed. It is not the intent of the Pigtails Challenge committee to prevent runners from participating, but rather to alert medical emergency personnel of existing or past health problems of any runner.
Every participant is required to bring a filled out form with them when they pick up their bib.
Race Swag

We will have a plethora of goods available for every runner. Among these are wristbands, pigtails paperhats (also available for runner’s families), pigtails themed buttons, and custom neck tubes.
For finishers of the 200 mile, 150 mile, 100 mile, and 100k events we will be giving out belt buckles. Finishers of the 50k event will receive a medal.

At the aid station there will be drinks (water, soda, electrolyte drink), various snacks (candies, trail mix, cookies, potato chips, pb&j’s, etc), as well as gels/chews. The aid station may not always be manned, so some of the goods may not always be available, and assistance may not be available.
Throughout the day at the finish/start area we will be providing some cold foods as well as some hot foods at predetermined times. With the exception of Pizza, all of these foods can be cooked for a runner at any time, but they may not be hot and ready to go outside of the times listed. These times are as follows:
7-10 AM
Breakfast. Breakfast burritos and more.
12-5 PM
Lunch. Hamburgers, Veggie burgers, and more.
6-8 PM
Dinner. Pizza and more.
8-10 PM
Late snack. Cheese quesadillas, grilled cheese sandwiches, and soups.

Please note that Sunday there will be no Dinner.

The temperature for this time of year ranges from around 65 to 49. Record high was 88 in 2005 and low 48 in 2007. Precipitation is always a possibility. The course has very little tree cover, and it can get cold at night, so make sure to bring appropriate gear.

Clarion Hotel
3700 East Valley Road
Renton, WA 98055
The Clarion Hotel above is the closest hotel to the race.
Pop up campers are allowed at the trailhead parking, but no trailers or large RVs. The church across the street will allow tents, but they need to be removed by 8:00 am Sunday morning so as not to impede their services. The parks department is allowing a few tents to be put up during daylight hours only, they cannot be up at night. They need to be located behind the park bathrooms only. Please keep vehicles locked to prevent theft.
Aid stations/drop bags

There will be an aid station at the start/finish as well as one halfway through the loop. The halfway aid station may not always be manned, so be prepared to serve yourself. Drop bags are allowed only at the start/finish area. Each aid station will have a variety of foods and drinks.

Crews are welcomed at the start/finish.
Pacers are allowed during the race, but you may only have two at any given time. Pacers must makeway for any runner. Muling is not allowed.
Course Information

This is a well groomed (with a few rougher spots) 9.4 mile double track loop trail. Once on the trail, run slight uphill for short distance (1/8 of a mile) to a T in the trail. You will see a chain linked fence. We will have a sign there pointing to the left for odd loops. Turn left (now fence is on your right). Follow trail and fence around entire loop. At no point do you cross a road. There will be a break in the fence and a short asphalt section at about two miles going this direction for about 20 yards. Just run straight across and reconnect with the trail. The 200 milers will run 21 loops with an extra out and back on the trail at the start (1.3 out, 1.3 back). The 150 milers will run 16 loops and their first loop will be shortened slightly (I will walk you in about 1/4 mile on the trail where you will start). The 100 milers will run 10 loops with 6 miles at the start (3 out, 3 back) to make that distance. The 100K runners will do the out and back with the 100 milers then do 6 full loops. The 50K runners will run 3 loops with 3 miles at the start (1.5 out, 1.5 back) to make that distance. The out and backs will be in the clockwise direction before running the full loops starting in the clockwise direction.
Please let the timer at the start/finish know that you have arrived at the end of each loop so that we can keep track. If you want credit for each loop you must inform us at the start/finish aid station! The results board will be updated as frequently as possible.

Thank you Joel Ballezza and Jess Mullen for your support in finding volunteers in the 2016 event. As you know, supporting a 4 day event takes a ton of volunteers.
As always these events could not happen without the support from local parks departments. Thank You King County for allowing us to organize this race and letting runners continue throughout.
We would like to thank all of the volunteers for their help. Without you these events could not happen. You’re all essential to what we do, and we really appreciate all the work you put into these events.
The Renton Christian Center is allowing us to use their parking for most of the race weekend for overflow parking. They are also allowing us to pitch tents on their property. Please be courteous and leave it the same way you found it. All vehicles and tents need to be removed by 9am Sunday morning, as their first service begins at 10am and people will be arriving by 9am to park their vehicles. Also, there will be another event during the race weekend where the handicap ramp needs to be accessible. Please do not block the wheelchair ramp.

Course Records

200 Mile
Male: Tim Stroh 43:35 (2012)
Female: Van “Pigtails” Phan 52:50 (2012)
150 Mile
Male: Gavin Woody 30:36 (2013)
Female: Geri Ginsburg 35:00 (2013)
100 Mile
Male: Tim Stroh 16:58 (2013)
Female: Hope Fox 18:53 (2013)