Baker Lake Trail Briefing

Make sure you carry enough water aid for a 10 mile run. There are streams, but if you don’t want to stop, or use untreated water, please carry a sufficient amount.
EVERYONE is required to carry a water bottle!

Bridges on the course are mossy, so be careful. They ARE very slippery!

The course will be marked with colored ribbons hung via clothespins. These markings will be shown before the start of the race. If you are unsure about them before the start please ask us.

Restrooms and Portable Toilets will be at the Check-In/Finish Area. There is one outhouse as well as two Portable Toilets at the South Baker Lake Trailhead.
Trail Etiquette

Run on the right side of the trail and always pass on the left.
Slower runners, please allow faster runners to pass.
Faster runners, please announce “On your left!” when you’re passing someone.
Please note that we do ask that runners not use headphones while running our races because it can impair the runner’s ability to hear what is going on around them.

Our trails need to be kept clean and free of all trash. If you don’t have pockets to stash trash during the run, then pin a Ziploc bag on your shorts, tuck the trash in your pack, or whatever you need to do to keep the trash off the trail. We will have garbage bags at all the aid stations for you to rid yourself of your trash. We will have Ziploc bags at the turnaround and start, so if you need one just ask!
Our permits are STRICT concerning trash on the trail. We want to be able to run this race year after year, and we appreciate your help in keeping it clean of trash.
Drop Bags

Please label your drop bags so that you can find it later and it won’t be confused with another runner’s gear.
Drop bags for the 50k will go out to the turnaround and come back when all runners have made their way through the turnaround. Please note the trip back to the start from the turnaround takes approximately 30 minutes. There will be a tarp at the start/finish where these bags can be placed before the start, and where they will find themselves once they return to the finish.
For the 25k, we will have a van at the start where runners can deposit any gear they may not want to run with, but want to keep with them until the start in. This gear will be placed on a tarp at the finish area for runners to retrieve after finishing.
All drop bags not claimed at the end of the race will be donated or thrown away. We will not mail drop bags.
Elevation Gain

The 50k has 3400’ of elevation gain. The elevation loss is the same since it is an out and back course, give or take a few feet!
The 25k is the second half of the 50k. It has approximately 3400′ of elevation change throughout the course.
Cutoff Times

The cutoff for the 50k is 12:30 PM at the turnaround. The course shuts down at 6:00 PM. This gives a total time of 11 hours for the early start & 10 hours for the regular start.
There is no cutoff for the 25k.
Crew Access

For 50k crews: access to the turnaround aid station is very easy, it is at the VERY END of the Baker Lake Highway, just follow the highway to the end and into the campground, when you hit the trailhead you are there. The big tent and aid station will be set up as well. You should have no problemf inding it. This is the only part of the course accessible by road vehicle that crew and friends will be able to access other than the finish area. Make sure to bring your Discovery Pass as one is required in that parking area.
For 25k crews: the same as the 50k applies to you, but that’s their starting point. You’re welcome to see them off and then come back to the finish and wait for them if you’d like.