Terry Sentinella
My intense love for running and goal oriented personality has taken me a lot of directions since I started running in 1999 at the age of 35. I have run in almost every type of race, 5k, marathon, ultramarathon, relay races and triathlons. I have directed dozens of very small to medium sized races, as well as helped in every aspect of starting races, and managing races.
I’m always looking for new and exciting events that I think people will love. The places in the Pacific Northwest are really spectacular, and I want to share them with as many people as I can. So, if you enjoy beautiful sights, great runs, come out to one of our events.
I have been fortunate to have finished 138 marathons, 80 ultra marathons, (25) 100 mile races and placed in the Top 10 at Badwater 135 miler.
Delores Sentinella
Growing up I was a pretty active kid. I enjoyed every sort of activity I did, and I tried quite a few. It wasn’t always easy for me though, because I was born with Cerebral Palsy. Yet, even though my right leg is a bit shorter than my left, and I have very little control of my right hand, I don’t let it keep me down. I always strive to do what anyone else can. Most people don’t even notice my CP when they meet me. I’m pretty proud of that.
I didn’t start my running career until after my children were fully grown. I just didn’t have the time to take care of them and run before that point. When I started out I couldn’t do much, yet that first 5k I did was exhilarating. Now I’ve been running half marathons and 25k’s and loving every minute of them. I get quite a bit of enjoyment out of not only running, but helping out at races, seeing people who’re doing their first run, and cheering them on. I know that I take pride in our events, because we encourage every sort of person to run. One of my favourite memories of an event was when there were about 30 people waiting for an 80 year old woman to finish. She was the last person to come in, and when she did everyone was cheering and clapping for her. The community around these events always make me glad that I’m a part of it.
With regards to that community, right now I’m the current president of Skagit Runners. I help out with many, if not most, of the races in Skagit County, some in other counties, so if you see me at one of the events, come say hi. I enjoy meeting new people, especially those who’re just starting their running career.